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Fields and methods of the jala.Utilities class.
jala Utilities()
Construct a utility object.
jala.Utilities jala. util
Default utility class instance.
Number jala. Utilities.VALUE_REMOVED
Static field indicating a removed object property.
Number jala. Utilities.VALUE_ADDED
Static field indicating ad added object property.
Number jala. Utilities.VALUE_MODIFIED
Static field indicating a modified object property.
jala.Utilities. toString()
Return a string representation of the utitility object.
[jala.Utilities Object]
jala.Utilities. createPassword(len, level)
Creates a random password with different levels of security.
Number len The length of the password (default: 8)
Number level The security level
  • 0 - containing only vowels or consonants (default)
  • 1 - throws in a number at random position
  • 2 - throws in a number and a special character at random position
The resulting password
jala.Utilities. diffObjects(obj1, obj2)
Returns an array containing the properties that are added, removed or modified in one object compared to another.
Object obj1 The first of two objects which should be compared
Object obj2 The second of two objects which should be compared
An Object containing all properties that are added, removed or modified in the second object compared to the first. Each property contains a status field with an integer value which can be checked against the static jala.Utility fields VALUE_ADDED, VALUE_MODIFIED and VALUE_REMOVED.
jala.Utilities. patchObject(obj, diff)
Patches an object with a "diff" object created by the {@link #diffObjects} method. Please mind that this method is recursive, it descends along the "diff" object structure.
Object obj The Object the diff should be applied to
Object diff A "diff" object created by the {@link #diffObjects} method
The patched Object with all differences applied
Fri, 05 Feb 2010 17:40:07 GMT.

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