Detailed reference of prototypes, properties and methods available in the
Javascript environment of your Helma web applications.

Default properties and methods of objects of the class Packages.helma.util.MimePart.
Packages.helma.util.MimePart MimePart
A MimePart object represents a MIME element and makes its properties and contents available to the scripting environment.

Other than calling the Packages.helma.util.MimePart java class directly, there is no constructor to instantiate these objects.
Number MimePart. contentLength
The content length of a MIME part
String MimePart. contentType
The content type of a MIME part
String MimePart. eTag
The eTag of a MIME part header MimePart. inputStream
An Java InputStream from which the body of the MIME part can be read.
ByteArray MimePart. content
The content of a MIME part as java ByteArray
String MimePart. text
The content of a MIME part as text
Date MimePart. lastModified
The date header of a MIME part
String MimePart. name
The name header of a MIME part
MimePart. writeToFile(dir, name)
Writes the content of a MIME part to the local file system.

Note that the file's current file extension is automaticaly added to the specified name argument.
String dir as String, the path to the directory where the file should be written
String name as String, the file name to be used when writting the file
String the filepath of the written file
MimePart. getSubHeader(header, subHeaderName)
Get a sub-header from a header, e.g. the charset from Content-Type: text/plain; charset="UTF-8"
String header as String, the header from which the sub-header should be returned
String subHeaderName as String, the sub-header that should be retrieved from the header
MimePart. normalizeFilename(filename)
Normalize a upload file name. Internet Explorer on Windows sends the whole path, so we cut off everything before the actual name.
String filename as String, the filepath that is to be reduce to a filename
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