Detailed reference of prototypes, properties and methods available in the
Javascript environment of your Helma web applications.

Fields and methods of the helma.Chart prototype

To use this optional module, its repository needs to be added to the application, for example by calling app.addRepository('modules/helma/Chart.js')
helma Chart(fpath, prefix, sheetName)
Creates a new instance of helma.Chart
String fpath The path to the spreadsheet file
String prefix An optional prefix to use for all stylesheet classes within the rendered table
String sheetName The name of the sheet within the spreadsheet file to render. If this argument is omitted, the first sheet is rendered.
helma.Chart. render()
Renders the Excel spreadsheet as XHTML table.
helma.Chart. renderAsString()
Returns the spreadsheet as rendered XHTML table.
The rendered spreadsheet table
helma. Chart.example(file)
A simple example for using helma.Chart that renders the passed file as XHTML table to response.
String file The path to the Excel spreadsheet file
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