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Fields and methods of the jala.PodcastWriter class.
jala PodcastWriter(header)
Class to create, modify and render standard-compliant RSS 2.0 feeds including support for Apple's Podcast specification.
String header Optional XML header.
getRoot() from jala.Rss20Writer
extendChannel(ext) from jala.Rss20Writer
getChannel() from jala.Rss20Writer
setChannel(data) from jala.Rss20Writer
extendItem(ext) from jala.Rss20Writer
createItem(data) from jala.Rss20Writer
addItem(item) from jala.Rss20Writer
addCategory(name, domain, parent) from jala.Rss20Writer
setImage(data) from jala.Rss20Writer
setTextInput(data) from jala.Rss20Writer
createElement(data) from jala.XmlWriter
extend(template, ext) from jala.XmlWriter
addNamespace(name, url) from jala.XmlWriter
write() from jala.XmlWriter
toString() from jala.XmlWriter
clone(The) from jala.XmlWriter
String @final jala. PodcastWriter.XMLHEADER
A typical XML header as default.
jala.PodcastWriter. addItunesCategory(name, subName, parent)
Add an iTunes Podcast category.
String name The category's name.
String subName The (optional) sub-category's name.
jala.XmlWriter.XmlElement parent Optional parent element to add the category to.
Fri, 05 Feb 2010 17:40:07 GMT.

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