Detailed reference of prototypes, properties and methods available in the
Javascript environment of your Helma web applications.

Adds useful methods to the JavaScript Number type.

To use this optional module, its repository needs to be added to the application, for example by calling app.addRepository('modules/core/Number.js')
Number. format(String)
format a Number to a String
String Format pattern
java.util.Locale An optional Locale instance
String Number formatted to a String
Number. toPercent(Int, String)
return the percentage of a Number according to a given total Number
Int Total
String Format Pattern
java.util.Locale An optional Locale instance
Int Percentage
Number. Sorter(String, Number)
factory to create functions for sorting objects in an array
String name of the field each object is compared with
Number order (ascending or descending)
Function ready for use in Array.prototype.sort
Thu, 13 Dec 2007 12:12:13 GMT.

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