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The Shell allows you to run commands and evaluate scripts within your running application. This may be useful for administrative and maintenance tasks for which you may not want to build a GUI or pre-defined scripts. Certainly, the Shell can become very useful during development and debugging.

By running commands you can inspect and manage data structures beyond the capabilities of the Inspector. By running scripts you can easily test and modify small portions of your application or invoke actions, simulating specific circumstances and measuring their performance.

For example, you can invoke the Shell on the HopObject named "second" by accessing the "shell" action at http://helma.serverjs.org/first/second/shell

Note that access to the Shell is restricted for obvious security reasons. If you have not yet done so, you will be directed on how to configure administrative access when you attempt to use this tool.

In order to be able to use the Shell inside your own application, you will need to add the helmaTools code repository to that application. For example by adding modules/helmaTools.zip to the list of its repositories in the ./apps.properties file.