Explore the introductions below and discover what you
can do with Helma and Javascript on the server-side.



Helma can serve multiple independent applications, each accessible through a different mountpoint, using Javascript environments running in their own global scope, and configurable to use separate code repositories.

A Helma default installation, for example, is serving the applications "manage" and "welcome" and makes them accessible through the http://helma.serverjs.org/manage/ and http://helma.serverjs.org/ URLs respectively. The list of active applications is defined by the file ./apps.properties in Helma's home directory.

# Administrative application to manage all 
# other apps on this server, accessible via its 
# default mountpoint at http://host:port/manage 
# and using its default repository at apps/manage


# More complex example of an application with 
# custom configuration:

welcome.mountpoint = /
welcome.repository.0 = apps/welcome/code/
welcome.repository.1 = modules/helmaTools.zip
welcome.static = apps/welcome/static
welcome.staticMountpoint = /static
welcome.staticHome = index.html,default.html
welcome.staticIndex = true
welcome.uploadLimit = 2048

Further application specific configurations can be defined in an app.properties file inside an application's code repository. Examples of such a file you will find in the "manage" app's default repository directory at ./apps/manage/app.properties and in the "welcome" application's repository at ./apps/welcome/code/app.properties.

More information about these files: